How to File for Expungement in Maryland

You can file for expungement by using  Owned and operated by the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC.  Attorney Randolph Rice is a Maryland expungement attorney and a former Assistant State’s Attorney. He has helped thousands of clients clean their criminal record in Maryland and he can help you to a better future.

Baltimore expungement lawyer Randolph Rice explains the expungement process in Maryland.

What is Expungement in Maryland?

Expungement is the removal of records from public inspection. In Maryland, records can be expunged by from:

  1. Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) records;
  2. Maryland Police files and records;
  3. Maryland Court files and records.

How Do I File for Expungement in Maryland?

Take a Free Expungement Eligibility Test offered by  You do not need any information about your prior case(s).  You only have to provide basic information about yourself and your current legal situation.  Such as did the case you are trying to expunge occur in Maryland? Did the alleged crime occur when you were over 18 years old? Are you currently on probation? Are you currently pending any criminal or serious traffic charges? Serious traffic charges are defined as traffic citations that carry the potential for jail time.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Expungement?

The process takes about 90 days after the appropriate documents are filed with the Court. Once you complete the Free Eligibility Test through, you will receive a response in 3-5 business days advising the cases that can be expunged.  Once you make payment, you will receive a packet in the mail. Review, sign and date in the highlighted locations and return to  Once receives the documents, they are reviewed one last time and filed with the Court, that’s when the 90 day timer starts.

Information Required to File for Expungement Through

No, you do not need to know your case number, date you were arrested, date you were summoned, or cited.  You also will not need to know the law enforcement agency that took action and you do not need to know the offense(s) you were charged with or the date your case was disposed of.

All you need to know is your name and date of birth, will do the rest.

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