Maryland Expungement FAQ is an online Maryland expungement service owned and operated by attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr. Mr. Rice is a former Assistant State’s Attorney and as a private criminal defense and expungement attorney, he has been helping clients clean their criminal record since 2009.

What is an Expungement?

Expungement is the process of removing your criminal record from public inspection or viewing. Expungement only removes criminal cases from your record, it does not remove civil cases or payable traffic cases or charges.

What types records can be expunged in Maryland?

In Maryland, through the expungement process, the public records that can be expunged are:

  1. The Motor Vehicle Administrations (MVA) files and records;
  2. Police files and reports;
  3. Criminal Justice Information System;
  4. State’s Attorney’s Office;
  5. Maryland State Archives Hall of Records;
  6. Maryland District Court records and files; and
  7. Maryland Circuit Court records and files.

When am I eligible for an Expungement?

The waiting period for filing an expungement depends on the outcome in your case. will determine if you are eligible for an expungement through our eligibility test.

What types of case outcomes are eligible for Expungement in Maryland?

If you case was concluded with any of these outcomes, you may be eligible to expunge your record in Maryland:

  1. Acquittal;
  2. Nolle Prosequi;
  3. Dismissal;
  4. Probation Before Judgment (PBJ);
  5. Guilty or finding of not criminal responsible for specified nuisance crimes; and
  6. Stet.

How much does it cost to Expunge my criminal record with

We expunge up to five cases from your record for a flat fee of $500.00.

If you have more than one case that needs to be expunged, then you only pay $50 for each additional case.

In addition, pays all court costs, filing fees and postage for the expungement. accepts all forms of credit card payment including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Why am I not entitled to an Expungement?

You are not entitled to an expungement under Maryland Law in any case where you were found

  • Guilty (except for certain nuisance crimes: urination or defecation in a public place, panhandling or soliciting money, drink an alcoholic beverage in a public place, obstructing the free passage of another in a public place or a public conveyance, sleeping on or in park structures such as benches or doorways, loitering, vagrancy, riding a transit vehicle without paying the applicable fare of exhibiting proof of payment, or other specific transit violations as provided in Maryland Transportation Article §7-705;
  • Civil Cases, unless you were charged with a civil offense as a substitute for a criminal charge;
  • Peace and Protective Order Cases, however you may be eligible to shield those records;
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Impaired (DWI) cases;
  • Juvenile Offenses;
  • Offenses not occurring in Maryland, crimes that were charged in a State other than Maryland;
  • Minor traffic offenses, in other words traffic offenses where the maximum penalty is a fine only.

How Long Does the Expungement Take?

Once you complete the eligibilty test, you’ll know within 5 business days which cases can be cleaned from your record.  Once payment is made, you will receive documents in the mail.  Review, sign and date the documents.  Once files the documents with the Court, it should take approximately 90 days.

How Does work?

When you visit you can take the free eligibilty test. If you are eligible your information is then review by attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr., a Maryland expungement attorney.  He will send you all of the cases that can be cleaned from your record.  You then make payment online and the expungement paperwork is prepared and shipped to you via U.S. mail in discrete envelope.  Review, sign and date the documents and return in the enclosed postage prepaid envelope.  Once receives your completed documents, they are reviewed one last time and then filed with the Court along with the appropriate filing fees and court costs.  Wait approximately 90 days and your record is clean, it’s that easy.

How Do I know if my record has been cleaned? will send you a ccertificate of compliance stating the expungement process is successful.

Will the public be able to see my record on Maryland Judiciary Case Search once the Expungement is complete?

No, your records will be removed from Maryland Judiciary Case Search.

Is my information safe with

Yes, all information you share with is protected by the attorney-client privilege and cannot be disclosed to anyone.  Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.

Do I have to Disclose my expunged charges?

No, according to Maryland Law, Criminal Procedure §10-109.  Disclosure of expunged information about criminal charges in an application, interview, or other means may not be required: (i) by an employer or educational institution of a person who applies for employment or admission; or (ii) by a unit, official, or employee of the State or a political subdivision of the State of a person who applies for a license, permit, registration, or governmental service.

A person need not refer to or give information concerning an expunged charge when answering a question concerning: (i) a criminal charge that did not result in a conviction; or (ii) a conviction that the Governor pardoned.

Refusal by a person to disclose information about criminal charges that have been expunged may not be the sole reason for: (i) an employer to discharge or refuse to hire the person; or (ii) a unit, official, or employee of the State or a political subdivision of the State to deny the person’s application.

How Do I get Started Cleaning My Criminal Record?

Take our Free Expungement Eligibility Test to have your record expunged in Maryland.