Maryland Expungement and Shielding Laws

It’s October 1, 2015 and the new Maryland Expungement and Shielding Laws go into affect today.  If you have a criminal conviction that you want to remove from your record or shield from public view, make sure you take our Free Expungement and Shielding Eligibility Test.

The new Maryland expungement law allows for more cases to be expunged from your criminal record, including:

  • Acquittal;
  • Dismissal;
  • Probation before judgment (PBJ);
  • Nolle prosequi;
  • Stet
  • Pardons;
  • Guilty in a minor offense or nuisance crime; and
  • Certain other exceptions.

Don’t let that conviction hold you back, get your criminal record expunged today.

Shielding Your Maryland Record

In addition to changes in the expungement laws, the Maryland legislature has allowed individuals to shield their criminal record from public view.

This means you can keep convictions for certain offenses hidden from public view.

Those offenses are:

  1. Disorderly conduct under § 10-201(c)(2) of the Criminal Law Article;
  2. Disturbing the peace under § 10-201(c)(4) of the Criminal Law Article;
  3. Failure to obey a reasonable and lawful order under § 10-201(c)(3) of the Criminal Law Article;
  4. Malicious destruction of property in the lesser degree under § 6-301 of the Criminal Law Article;
  5. Trespass on posted property under § 6-402 of the Criminal Law Article;
  6. Possessing or administering a controlled dangerous substance under § 5-601 of the Criminal Law Article;
  7. Possessing or administering a noncontrolled substance under § 5-618(a) of the Criminal Law Article;
  8. Use of or possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia under § 5-619(c)(1) of the Criminal Law Article;
  9. Driving without a license under § 16-101 of the Transportation Article;
  10. Driving while privilege is canceled, suspended, refused, or revoked under § 16-303 of the Transportation Article;
  11. Driving while uninsured under § 17-107 of the Transportation Article; or
  12. A prostitution offense under § 11-306(a)(1) of the Criminal Law Article if the conviction is for prostitution and not assignation.

Maryland Expungement and Shielding Laws

If you would like to read the new Maryland expungement and shielding laws, they can be found:

  • Expungement – Maryland Criminal Procedure Title 10. Subtitle 1 Criminal Records.
  • Shielding – Maryland Criminal Procedure Title  10. Subtitle 3. Shielding.

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