An Overview of Maryland Expungement Process, Fees, and Attorneys

An Overview of Maryland Expungement Process, Fees, and Attorneys

Are you trying to clean up your criminal record in Maryland through a Maryland expungement? You’ve come to the right place. is the easiest way to clean up your criminal record online. Below we’ve got information about Maryland expungement forms and fees as well as how to use a Maryland expungement lawyer to complete the process.

Maryland Expungement Form

When filing an expungement in  Maryland there are various forms that must be completed and submitted to the court. If the forms are incorrect or not complete, then the clerk’s office will refuse the paperwork and the expungement forms will not be processed. The two main Maryland expungement forms are the Petition for Expungement and the General Waiver and Release. will ensure that all forms are completed correctly and are done the right way the first time. Click on the “Get Started Now” button to start the expungement process.

Maryland Expungement Laws

Maryland expungement law can be found in Criminal Procedure Title 10, Sections 10-101 through 10-109. The new Maryland expungement law, which will go into effect October 1, 2017 can be found at Criminal Procedure Section 10-110. The new Maryland expungement law will allow the expungement of guilty findings from individuals criminal records.

This includes common criminal offences such as theft and second-degree assault. However there is a longer wait than the standard 3 years in most expungement cases. Contained within the Maryland expungement law are sections such as expungement of police record when no charges filed, expungement a police records after released without charge, expungement on nolle prosequi before service.

In addition, the section includes expungement of record after charges is filed, expungement of criminal charge transfer to juvenile court, charges arising from same instant, transaction, or set of facts. The statute also discusses the opening, review, or disclosure of expunged records as well as prohibited acts in regards to expungement cases.

Maryland Expungement Fees

When you use Maryland expungement you pay a flat fee of $500, everyday. That means you pay a standard $500 for up to four separate cases to be expunged. It doesn’t matter how many charges are contained within each case, you can have up to 5 cases removed for the flat fee. What’s better, is that pays all the filing fees ($30 for each case) for the cases.

What’s important is that in most situations if an individual files their Maryland expungement forms improperly, then the fee will not be reimbursed. With, you can rest assured that the court filing fee will be paid and the paperwork will be submitted correctly.

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What is the Maryland Expungement Process?

The process of a Maryland expungement couldn’t be any easier with Visit the website and click on “Get Started Now.” Answer some simple questions about yourself like your first name and last name your date of birth (all information is confidential) and four simple questions about your criminal history.

If you’re eligible, all you have to do is pay the flat fee and will take care of the rest of the Maryland expungement process. Will conduct an exhaustive review of your criminal record in Maryland, and send you all the paperwork in a discreet envelope. Once you receive it, read, sign and date the paperwork and return in the enclosed postage prepaid envelope.

Once we receive the paperwork will file all the necessary documents with the court and ensure that your expungement process is complete.

Read how long does the expungement process take.

Maryland Expungement for a DUI

A common question that we get is, can I expunge a Maryland DUI? There are certain circumstances where we can expunge a DUI from your record. However if you receive a probation before judgement, PBJ, or you are found guilty of DUI, then we are unable to file for an expungement under the current Maryland law.

How Long Does an Expungement in Maryland Take?

Once the documents and fees are paid to the Court, then it take approximately Ninety (90) days to remove a criminal record from public view or expunge the record.  Some jurisdictions, such as Baltimore City, may take a bit longer.

Consequences of a Criminal Record in Maryland

  • If you have a criminal record of certain drug offenses in Maryland, you could be denied housing.
  • If you receive public housing benefits, a landlord could evict you for certain criminal offenses based on the lease agreement.
  • If you have a criminal record of a crime, then your spouse could be entitled to an absolute divorce.
  • If you have a criminal record, you may not be able to obtain an occupational license.
  • If you have been charged and have not had that charge removed from your record, then the public is able to view those charges on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search.

Don’t wait for your criminal record to prevent you from a better life, visit to start the process of expungement in Maryland.

Call Our Maryland Expungement Attorneys Today

The Maryland expungement attorney Randolph Rice has helped thousands of individuals who’ve been charged with crimes in Maryland. The process for expungement that he’s created with Maryland expungement. Has made it easier for people to file a Maryland expungement online.

With the ease of the internet and all the automated systems, once laborious process is now simplified by using So what are you waiting for. Visit the website and click on the “Get Started Now” button now and let us clean up your criminal record in Maryland so you can look forward to a better future.


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