Online Expungement Services

Online Expungement Services

Online Expungement Services

Is one mistake in your past holding you back? Do you want to expunge your criminal record in Maryland? Are you looking for the best online expungement services? We have the answer and solution to a prior mistake in life. is an online expungement service in Maryland. Owned and operated by expungement attorney Randolph Rice, we can expunge your criminal record online! Click here to get started expunging your criminal record online. – Trusted Online Expungement Services

A mistake when you were young shouldn’t hold you back in life. is the answer to a clear criminal record and all done online. Don’t try and figure out the Maryland Expungement laws, let the expungement lawyers with do the work for you.

Follow our Steps for Online Expungement Services

Expunging your criminal record couldn’t be any easier in Maryland. With, you can rest assured your criminal record will be cleaned by an experienced expungement lawyer. It’s that easy, so what are you waiting for, let’s expunge your criminal record today. Click the button below to start the expungement process.

Step 1 – Take the Free Expungement Test

Click our Get Started button on the homepage to a clean criminal your record in Maryland. You’ll be asked a series of simple and easy questions such as: What is your full name, what is your date of birth. Did the criminal case you want to expunged happen in Maryland? Were you over 18 at the time of the criminal case? And a couple other questions, don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes. And all information is confidential, protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Step 2 – Make Payment

Once you qualify through the eligibility test you’re ready to make payment. Payment is done online and with a trusted payment certificate. You only pay $299.00 for up to 4 cases removed from your record. Cases are individual cases, there may be multiple charges in one case. We expunge the entire case from your record, not just one charge.

Step 3 – Read and Review Your Expungement Paperwork

After payment is made, we complete an exhaustive final search of your criminal record. We want to make sure we clean your entire record. When completed, we send you the expungement package. Once you receive your packet of documents, please read and review. Some packets may contain a waiver form. You review the waiver as you will not be able to file a lawsuit against the complaintants after the expungement is filed. If you have questions about that, you are always free to contact us to discuss.

Step 4 – Sign and Date your Expungement Paperwork

After you have read and reviewed the documents, sign and date where indicated. Place the documents into the enclosed postage paid envelope and return to our office. If you lose your envelope, you can mail the documents to: 6914 Holabird Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21222 via the U.S. mail.

Step 5 – Sit back and relax and wait for your record to be expunged

It’s that easy, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your criminal cases to be removed. We take care of everything. The expungement process takes about 3 months to complete once the documents are filed with the Court. It couldn’t be easier.


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