Can a Stet Be Expunged in Maryland?

Can a Stet Be Expunged in Maryland?

Do you have a stat on your criminal record in Maryland? Did you know you may be eligible to have that stat removed from your record. Click here to start the expungement process and have that stat removed from your record today.

What is a Stet?

A stet is an indefinite postponement of a trial in a criminal case. On motion by the state’s attorney, the court may order a case marked stet. If a stet is entered, it means the state will not pursue the criminal charges at that time.

Can a Stet Be Reopened?

A stet may be reopened by either the state or the defendant within one year of the entry for any reason. During years two and three of the stet it may only be reopened by a showing of good cause to the court by either the state or the defendant. A case may not be marked stat if the defendant objects to the entry.

A stet may come with certain conditions. Those conditions may include that the defendant stay away from another individual, stay away from a business or location, or complete some other tasks like community service or payment of restitution.

Does a Stet Make a Warrant Go Away?

If a stet is entered, the clerk will take the action to recall or revoke any outstanding warrants or detainers that could lead to the arrest of the defendant. However, the Judge could order that the warrant or detainer shall remain outstanding.

Stet Expungement in Maryland

Any person who’s been charged with the commission of a crime, including a violation of the Transportation Article, for which it turn of imprison it may be imposed, or who has been charged with a civil offense or infraction, except to juvenile offenses, is eligible to have their record expunged if certain conditions are met. If the charges in the case are marked stet, then the defendant may be eligible for expungement under certain circumstances.

When Can a Stet Be Expunged?

Pursuant to Maryland Criminal Procedure 10-105(c)(1), a petition for expungement of a stet may not be filed earlier than three (3) years after the stet was entered on the docket.

In most jurisdictions accept Baltimore City, it takes 3 months from the date of the filing with the court to have a stet expunged. However, Baltimore City can take up to 6 months to expunge a stet from the record.

How Do I Get a Stet Expunged in Maryland?

The fastest and easiest way to expunge a stet in Maryland is to use the online expungement services of Maryland Expungement is owned and operated by Maryland expungement attorney Randolph Rice.

He’s been expunging people’s criminal records and stats since 2006. Once you complete the online application and make payment Mr. Rice will conduct a thorough evaluation of your criminal record and find any possible stats that can be expunged from your record.

Call Our Maryland Stet Expungement Lawyers Today

What happens if you have multiple charges on your record under one case and one of the charges is a stet and one or more of the other charges is a guilty? In that scenario, then you would not be able to expunge the stet charge because of the guilty finding on one or more of the other charges.

However, if the guilty is eligible for expungement then so is the stet Chargers. You should consult with the Maryland expungement attorney Randolph rice to determine if your case is eligible for expungement. Click here to start the process of expunging your criminal record in Maryland.


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